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Rainbow Bridge
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LadyBug crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. She was in cardiac distress due to fluid around her heart. We will all miss her gentle ways and her beautiful smile. Missle will miss his best friend and companion. You can run like the wind now my sweet baby.

My beautifully handsome Lobo, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, this evening. He was the best dog ever I will miss his circle dance he did for me every time I came home. I will miss his gentle ways, with every one and with all my foster dogs. He was my rock. He was so awesome.

Sweet Loki crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Wednesday. I am heartbroken.  He was such a good boy. Thank you Rose’s Rescue for bringing him into our lives.

I rescued my precious "Lottie, the couch potato", in April of 2017 from Rose's Rescue.  She was a senior dog, so we weren't sure how long we might have her.  She has been such a joy in our lives for almost 4 years, the sweetest, most loving dog in the world. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in the past several months.  We had to day goodbye to her yesterday afternoon because her condition had gotten worse and she wasn't eating anymore.  My heart is broken. We are grateful for the years she blessed us with her love. I just wanted to share that with you.  I thank you for all you do.

Sometimes, things go differently than planned.  Back when I was working in Kent, Vicki dropped off a Chi/Terrier surrender to me in the work parking lot.  She was 8 1/2.  We were going to foster her, but we found that Lulu fit right in, and being a lover of Terriers, we decided she should stay.  We had to put her down yesterday at 15 years.  She was a sweet girl, and never asked for anything.  We are already missing her.  I can't believe that those years have flown by.  We made sure she got back to the beach to enjoy the sea breeze on her face.  Here's to Lul

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