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generic dog smHave a pet that you can't keep?


If it's your own pet...

Because we usually take in a new dog from the pound as soon as one gets adopted, we don't often have room for owner surrenders.  However, you are free to get in touch with us (emails are best) using the "contact us" option from the main menu and inquire.  Occasionally, one of our foster homes can take in a smaller, well-behaved dog in a pinch, though not always.  

What we CAN do in most instances is list your pet on our website and online listings such as pet finder as a courtesy post.  You keep the pet and handle the inquiries; it does not become one of our rescues and is still your dog, but this enables your pet to be seen by many people who are looking to adopt.  The pet should be fixed and up to date on vaccinations.  There is no guarantee that the pet will find a new home within any given amount of time, but it's a way that we can help by getting him or her advertised for you.  Send us an email and someone will be in touch with you to get things set up.

Please use extreme caution if trying to rehome your pet using something like Craig's List or offered for free in other advertisements.  Pets that are free or even offered at a nominal rehoming fee may be "adopted" by unscrupulous individuals and used as bait for dog-fighting training, used to fight themselves (especially true for Bully breeds), or medical exploitation.  A heftier rehoming fee and screening potential adopters is highly recommended. Ask for previous vet contact to call and check to see if they are a client. 



If it's a stray you have found...

  • Have the dog scanned by a vet for a microchip - this should be done free of charge at most veterinairan offices.
  • Run an ad in the lost and found section of the local paper's classified section.  In most cases, this is also a free service.
  • Contact local authorities, including the County Dog Warden's office, police, shelters (Humane Society, Animal Protective League, etc) and leave a description of the dog and your contact information in case the owner calls looking to see if their pet has been found and turned in.
  • Place a "FOUND" ad in the Lost and Found section of Craig's List AND their Pets section.  Make sure to hold back some of the information about the dog so that you can verify that the person claiming the dog is really is the owner if contacted.
  • Post fliers at area businesses with the pet's photo if possible
  • If you find the pet around your own home, let your mailman know, especially if he or she does the route on foot rather than by truck.  They may recoginze the dog and know where it belongs.
  • Put a sign in your yard that says you have found a dog.  Someone out looking for their lost pet might see it, or someone who knows the people who are looking might see it.  Include a phone number if you don't want people knocking on your door.

If all else fails, refer to the above section for rehoming your pet to see if we can help.  You can also turn the dog over to the local Dog Warden.  Some of these shelters rarely euthanize dogs unless they are sick or very aggressive, others need to do so on a regular basis for space considerations.  

Owner Foster Program


There are times that Rose’s Rescue just does not have an open foster home available.  If we feel the animal is a highly adoptable animal you may be eligible for the Owner Foster Program.  This is the best we can do to help your animal find a new home.

The animal must be assessed by a Rose’s Rescue volunteer before approved for this program.

Rose's Rescue will assist you in finding a new home for your animal, while the pet is still in your home. Rose's Rescue will advertise your animal for adoption and will process submitted applications. A volunteer will work with you on choosing the best new home for your animal. The adopter will have a two week trial period. If the animal is returned, you will need to take the pet back, unless we have an open foster home. An adoption fee will be charged by Rose's Rescue.

Owner will be required to sign an owner surrender form. Once the form is signed the animal becomes part of the rescue. We discourage the former owner from visiting the new owner and the animal for at least 6 months after the adoption, if at all. This time is needed for the animal to bond with the new family and not to confuse the animal.

If you wish to be considered for the Owner Foster Program please complete the owner foster application. Owner Foster Application