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Become a Foster Mom or Dad! 

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We can NEVER have enough foster families.  The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can rescue from the pound and cats taken off the streets.  When you foster a dog or cat, Rose’s Rescue pays for all medical needs, supplies, a crate if needed, even food and whatever else you need.  All you provide is a home for the pet and of course, lots of love!

Not only do we need foster parents to provide a place for our pooches and kitties to stay while awaiting adoption, but they also can give valuable insights to their personalities which makes us much more able to match them up with potential adopters.  The input related by foster moms and dads helps us to write more accurate descriptions for Petfinder profiles and lets us know just what kind of an adopted home each individual pet needs in order to thrive and be happy.  

Many people consider fostering but are hesitant because they don’t feel they will be able to part with a dog or cat after caring for it in their own home.  Of course this can be a difficult thing, but most find that the reward of seeing their foster baby go to a wonderful home where they will be loved and well-cared for forever is well worth the few tears shed at saying good-bye.  And it’s even easier when you remember that there is another lonely soul waiting for the chance to be rescued and will be able to have that chance now that there is room for one more.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine!   

We do understand that sometimes the animal has become part of your family, and should you wish to adopt the animal, that is fine also. We understand fostering is not for everyone. We are very easy to work with.

Interested?  Please click here to fill out a fostering application.  A volunteer will then be in touch to speak with you and answer any questions you might have!

*Please Note: 
Rose's Rescue requires all our volunteers that are pet owners to be in accordance with Rose’s Rescue beliefs and guidelines.  Dogs and cats in the home must be spayed or neutered, up to date with vaccines. Dogs in the home are to be on heart worm preventative and cats tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia.



Owner Foster Program - Dogs Only

 There are times that Rose’s Rescue just does not have an open foster home available.  If we feel the animal is a highly adoptable animal you may be eligible for the Owner Foster Program.  This is the best we can do to help your animal find a new home.

REQUIREMENTS FOR OWNER FOSTER PROGRAM: The animal must be spayed or neutered, up to date with required vaccines, dogs must be heart worm tested and on preventative, dogs must get along with other dogs and with people. All dogs must be assessed by a Rose’s Rescue volunteer before approved for this program. If you need assistance in getting your animal vetted, please let us know.

Rose's Rescue will assist you in finding a new home for your animal, while the pet is still in your home. Rose's Rescue will advertise your animal for adoption and will process submitted applications. A volunteer will work with you on choosing the best new home for your animal. The adopter will have a two week trial period. If the animal is returned, you will need to take the pet back, unless we have an open foster home. An adoption fee will be charged by Rose's Rescue.

Owner will be required to sign an owner surrender form. Once the form is signed the animal becomes part of the rescue. We discourage the former owner from visiting the new owner and the animal for at least 6 months after the adoption, if at all. This time is needed for the animal to bond with the new family and not to confuse the animal.

If you wish to be considered for the Owner Foster Program please complete the owner foster application.    Owner Foster Application