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Animal Success Stories

Happy pets 

HAPPY TAILS!                           

We love hearing updates about our former rescues from their forever families.  If you have adopted a pet from Rose's Rescue and would like to submit his or her story for our Happy Tails page, please send it to, put Happy Tails in the subject line, and don't forget to include a picture!

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Cheeko-People Loving Special Needs Boy

We just love Chico. He is a cuddle bug for sure. I was in the hospital last spring and he latched onto my daughter. Now they have a special relationship. When she comes over he just cannot get enough of her


We're in Zen . Have a wonderful evening. He seems to like the name BooBoo. I find he looks at me and wags his tail so the name has stuck. He's BooBoo now. He's a Rock Star. He loves to sit on my shoulder. We are THE MATCH. Thank You.


We are absolutely in love with Reese and he has been truly the perfect addition to our family. We just adopted him on the 4th of July, and he has adapted very well over the past 6 weeks. He has also been through a lot and has recovered remarkably well. Reese had the surgeries he needed with our vet - he had an infected tooth extracted, a tumor removed from his leg, ultrasounds for his lungs and heart, x-rays for his hips and back, and blood tests for his thyroid. X-rays showed that his hips and knees were ok but his back is bridging between L1 and L5, so we're going to keep him comfortable with continued joint supplements, Rimadyl , fish oil and daily massage therapy and Reiki. He was diagnosed with larangeal paralysis where his flaps in his throat don't open properly for him to breath as easily as he should. There is a surgical procedure that on down the road we may have to consider but it comes with it's own list of health issues. So for now the vet has us keeping him indoors in central air conditioning when it's muggy, hot or humid out. We go for short walks later in the evening or earlier in the morning and he goes out just long enough multiple times during the day to go potty. He loves exploring the fenced-in yard and he visits with the pot belly pigs and the chickens. We're getting ready to make that yard even a bit bigger and he'll have even more room when he's outside. We go for walks on a leash outside the fence - we have about 13 acres - but he gets short of breath easily so we don't go too far. We're working on "come" "stay" and "sit". These may take a bit - I don't think he's ever had any obedience training, but he's eager to please and does try very hard. He takes treats so gently out of your hand and he enjoys sitting on the outdoor love seat on the porch in the evenings with my husband. Reese seems to have taken to Kevin in a big way, though he likes me well enough. We had one other dog - a small Beagle/Boston mix when we adopted Reese - her name was Grace and she was 13 years old. We've been battling kidney failure with her for a little over a year, and this past weekend she went downhill quickly and was euthanized this past Tuesday. My husband was devastated as he had her since she was 2 years old.a However, when he came home from work that day, Reese made sure he was right there to greet him. Reese can be such a goofball and he made Kevin smile and laugh and really filled a big void that would have been more difficult this past week if Reese were not with us. Many thanks for all your do, for your kindness, and for giving this dog a very loving home.


Molly is doing well! I am still working with her Ohio vet to get her heartworm preventatives, but am hopeful I was able to get that worked out earlier this week. I was able to get flea preventatives without a problem since they are not a prescription. We adore her. I have attached a few pictures, including one with my parent's dog Bertie who she met this week. She was very polite, even though Bertie did some annoying little sister behaviors (haha). Molly just adores Ryan. Molly is such a sweetie and we are grateful that you shared her with us. I know this must sound a little weird, but I had a really hard spring (I lost both of my beloved grandparents to COVID) and I feel like Molly was heaven-sent to us. I know she will be a great comfort to me as I start the school year. Thanks for checking up on us and we'll keep in touch.


I’ve attached many photos of Susanna. We love her so much- she’s been a perfect addition to our family. She’s our 2nd rescue from Roses and we’ve had such a great experience both times, we couldn’t be more thankful for your organization! We’re still working with her on separation anxiety, but aside from that she loves running around our yard, playing with our other dog Chowder, going on long walks, and is a big fan of napping and cuddling. She loves everyone she meets and we think she’s the cutest pup ever (but we might be biased).

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