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What are Courtesy Listings?

These are listings for pets that are not actually with Rose's Rescue, but that we have agreed to post on our website in order to help find them new homes more quickly.  They may include dogs from the Portage County Pound that we have assessed and deemed very adoptable but do not currently have space for, senior dogs from the pound who really need an extra hand at getting noticed, dogs we are cross-posting for other rescues, and pets who are owned or living with private individuals but are in desperate need of a new family.  Please remember that other than the sponsored dogs at the pound, we may not have evaluated or even seen the pets in these listings.  Unless specifically indicated, we will not be handling any part of their adoptions.  Please use the contact information listed for each individual pet for all inquiries.

Even though these pets are not directly associated with our rescue, they are still in need of new homes and we are glad to do what we can to help them get adopted as soon as possible!

All adult animals are required to be spayed or neutered to be eligible for a courtesy listing on Rose's Rescue website.

Please use extreme caution if trying to rehome your pet using something like Craig's List or offered for free in other advertisements.  Pets that are free or even offered at a nominal rehoming fee may be "adopted" by unscrupulous individuals and used as bait for dog-fighting training, used to fight themselves (especially true for Bully breeds), or medical exploitation.  A heftier rehoming fee and screening potential adopters is highly recommended. Ask for previous vet contact to call and check to see if they are a client. 

Owner Foster Program


 There are times that Rose’s Rescue just does not have an open foster home available.  If we feel the animal is a highly adoptable animal you may be eligible for the Owner Foster Program.  This is the best we can do to help your animal find a new home.

REQUIREMENTS FOR OWNER FOSTER PROGRAM: The animal must be spayed or neutered, up to date with required vaccines, dogs must be heart worm tested and on preventative, cats FIV/Leukemia tested. All dogs must be assessed by a Rose’s Rescue volunteer before approved for this program.

Rose's Rescue will assist you in finding a new home for your animal, while the pet is still in your home. Rose's Rescue will advertise your animal for adoption and will process submitted applications. A volunteer will work with you on choosing the best new home for your animal. The adopter will have a two week trial period. If the animal is returned, you will need to take the pet back, unless we have an open foster home. An adoption fee will be charged by Rose's Rescue.

Owner will be required to sign an owner surrender form. Once the form is signed the animal becomes part of the rescue. We discourage the former owner from visiting the new owner and the animal for at least 6 months after the adoption, if at all. This time is needed for the animal to bond with the new family and not to confuse the animal.

If you wish to be considered for the Owner Foster Program please complete the owner foster application.    Owner Foster Application