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sad dog Rose's Rescue Volunteer Opportunities 

Want to volunteer with us?  Our dogs and the few cats that we have are all in foster homes, so we really don't need someone to walk them, play with them, or do any kind of cleaning duties, but we still need your help!  Here are a few ways in which you can give of your time to help our rescued pets:   

dog in car


Doggie Drivers Needed:   
Rose’s Rescue is always looking for help with transporting dogs from place to place.  Vet appointments, adoption events, to and from foster homes, and sometimes even picking up dogs that are waiting for us at the pound.  It's especially helpful for someone who is available during the day who can be called upon when our usual transportation is not available.


dog w leashHandlers for Meet and Greets, Adopt-a-thons and other public events:  Rose’s Rescue makes regular appearances at local pet supply retailers to show off our dogs in the hopes of finding them their forever homes.  We also attend larger adoption fairs and other community events throughout the year. Volunteers are needed to take charge of a dog (hold the leash) and/or pass out cards, flyers, and literature about our group.  The more help we have, the more dogs we can bring along and the better the chances they have at being adopted.


Application Processors:  All potential adopters go through a screening process and must meet specific criteria in order to become new parents to one of our rescued pets.  Not only do we check past veterinary histories to make sure current/previous pets are adequately cared for, we also make a concerted effort to insure the pet they are interested in is a very good match for their family and their lifestyle.  Not everyone is cut out for this task as it is a big responsibility – our dogs and cats depend on us to choose good families for them as their future welfare is at stake.  It’s also not always easy to turn down someone when they don’t meet approval.  But if you are a person who has good people skills (maybe with some human resource experience?) and feel you are up to the task, we can always use help with processing applications.

adoptable cat 2
Kitty helpers for our felines at Petco in Brimfield:  We need local volunteers to help with the cleaning and feeding of our kitties who are awating adoption there.  Of course, you will also have ample opportunity to shower them with love and attention while you are there.  

Grant researching and applying:  Do you have any experience in writing for grant money?  Sometimes it just takes someone to do the research to find appropriate funds and then filling out the paperwork.  Our volunteers are so dedicated to fostering and events that none of them have time to take on something like this.  We could gladly use the help!  You can find other ways to raise much-needed funds for our cause by clicking here.

Still interested?  Click here to get started: Rose's Rescue General Volunteer Form

*Please Note:
Rose's Rescue requires all our volunteers that are pet owners to be in accordance with Rose’s Rescue beliefs and guidelines.  Dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered, up to date with vaccines. Dogs are to be on heart worm preventative and cats tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia.