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Animal Success Stories

Happy pets 

HAPPY TAILS!                           

We love hearing updates about our former rescues from their forever families.  If you have adopted a pet from Rose's Rescue and would like to submit his or her story for our Happy Tails page, please send it to, put Happy Tails in the subject line, and don't forget to include a picture!

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Molly is doing well! I am still working with her Ohio vet to get her heartworm preventatives, but am hopeful I was able to get that worked out earlier this week. I was able to get flea preventatives without a problem since they are not a prescription. We adore her. I have attached a few pictures, including one with my parent's dog Bertie who she met this week. She was very polite, even though Bertie did some annoying little sister behaviors (haha). Molly just adores Ryan. Molly is such a sweetie and we are grateful that you shared her with us. I know this must sound a little weird, but I had a really hard spring (I lost both of my beloved grandparents to COVID) and I feel like Molly was heaven-sent to us. I know she will be a great comfort to me as I start the school year. Thanks for checking up on us and we'll keep in touch.


Sue, u fostered Manny several years ago. Just wanted to give u an update. Took a while to find u. Manny (who u named) is and has been the love of our lives. He is spoiled and the king of the house. Always many other pets around, he could care less as long as he gets the master bed with mom and dad. Just wanted to update u. He is the sweetest best friend ever! He is my buddy and my life has been so much better with him. Ex: "what r u doing this weekend"? Hanging with my dog!


That is awesome yes I am good with everything she is doing great she has a new name it is Iris and she learned it in one day. she’s doing well walking on the leash she sits gives me her paw she loves playing outside and her vet appointment went very well she is a good girl and we are enjoying life together. let me know if you need anything else here is a picture of her from yesterday‘s walk when we came in I said smile and this is what she did.


Missy aka Misty: It is with heavy heart that we inform you that our beloved little Missy has passed away. During 2019, Missy was diagnosed with tumors on her spleen, liver and mammary glands, that eventually spread to her throat and restricted her breathing and swallowing. Our Veterinarian sent Missy away peacefully yesterday, because none of us wanted to see her suffer. Despite all of her health issues, we are comforted in knowing that Missy lived out the last two and a half years in a loving and caring home. She was such a sweet dog and grew very attached to our family, particularly Joe, who she would follow everywhere he went! Attached are a few photos of Missy. We will miss her dearly and will forever cherish the time Missy was a part of our family. We are most grateful that Rose's Rescue provided us with the opportunity to bring Missy into our lives and we would like to make a contribution in Missy's memory. We will forward a check in the upcoming days.


We couldn’t be happier with Maggie! She has settled in wonderfully to our family, and we can’t imagine a day without her!! We are forever thankful for finding her. Here are just a few pics of her. She is a fan of sleeping all cuddled up on the furniture, and on us, and she LOVES running at the dog park. Have a wonderful New Year!

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