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Rose's Rescue


Logo 2020 is 501(c)(3) non-profit all-breed rescue run by a small group of volunteers and no paid employees.  We do not have a central shelter location that is open to the public as all of our rescued friends are in foster homes.  

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Who we are and how it all began:

It all started when founder Rose Sachs answered an ad in the local classifieds that said they could help a person find homes for unwanted pets.  Rose had recently moved to a rural setting with some acreage, and had subsequently acquired 4 or 5 dogs that had been dropped off or that she'd found abandoned and was trying to find new homes for them.  It was 2002, and she ended up partnering with the person who placed the ad, calling themselves "New Leash on Life."  After about a year, they went their separate ways, but Rose continued her work re-homing pets in need.  She found a few other like-minded people to help her - just one or two at the start, and Rose's Rescue was born.  It took several years to grow into something more than just basically a few foster homes, but by 2004 had become a relatively cohesive group with a more defined process and mission.  On October 10th of 2006, Rose's Rescue was officially granted it's 501c3 status.  Since, then, we have continued to grow with more volunteers, a more structured operation, and more animals under our care, We utilize modern technology with the implementation of a large database system (through, our own website, active Facebook page and busy event calendar.  We strive to not only help the animals we have rescued, but also work to support our local pounds where there is a need we can address, (provide vet transport, help to defray vet costs, etc), and work with other rescues and shelters in our area for the benefit of animals in our greater community.

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Rose's Rescue is an all breed rescue for dogs and cats.  We primarily concentrate on local pound rescues, as we feel these are the animals in the direst need of a second chance.  We are committed to finding the best possible home for each and every animal that comes into our rescue.  We are available to help with any training or behavioral issues for the life of each animal.  Rose's Rescue requires that any animal adopted through our organization be returned to us, if for any reason the family is no longer able to care for them.

Rose's Rescue is also committed to educating the public on the importance of spaying and neutering, keeping current with routine vaccinations, providing heartworm protection for dogs, and testing for FIV and feline leukemia for cats.   According to the Humane Society of America over 1 million dogs, cats, kittens and puppies are killed each year.  It is our goal to see some day that no adoptable pets are euthanized.

With loving patience any pet can be trained to be a loyal, obedient companion.  Please contact your vet or a trainer before giving up on your pet!