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Animal Success Stories

Happy pets 

HAPPY TAILS!                           

We love hearing updates about our former rescues from their forever families.  If you have adopted a pet from Rose's Rescue and would like to submit his or her story for our Happy Tails page, please send it to, put Happy Tails in the subject line, and don't forget to include a picture!

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Bear is doing really well, he and our small terrier mix have become friends, the cats tolerate him and our older cat even likes to say hi to him.  Our chickens still look like lunch to Bear but he listens well and stays away from their run for the most part. He’s a Velcro dog and will follow you wherever you go, we have learned he is scared of the dark and will only go into a dark room or outside at night if he has a support human, (he’s the farthest from a guard dog you can get.). He had an ear infection we had treated at our Vets and he became a crowd favorite there.  

Bobbie Jo

We love her and she is adjusting well. She actually played a bit yesterday and now walks about 2 ½ miles every day with us. All is going great.


Thanks for reaching out.  Things with Benny are going well!  He has brought back so much joy since we lost Lucy 4 months ago.  The house no longer seems empty.  He is such a loving dog- he loves to cuddle and give kisses and is very much a "togetherness" dog.  He has some challenging behaviors (jumping up onto everything and not listening well), and we are starting a basic manners class this week to help with encouraging positive behaviors.  He enjoys our evening walks, and he already has a ton of toys he loves to play with.  He has also made best friends with our neighbor's dog Bella, and they love to run and play.  

Bella - Border Collie Mix

Hello, my husband John and I adopted  Bella from your rescue about 6 years ago. Bella is such a good girl, and very spoiled too.


Bella is doing great. She has fit in well with her brother Toby (dog brother) and Binx ( cat brother). Here is a pic of how big she is getting. She is a sweetie and we love her very much.

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